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{June 16, 2009}   Tuesdays News of Note – 6/16/09

It’s very early and I’m off to get a few hours sleep before I have to get up to do some laundry, but first your morning news.

  • Neil Gaiman reported this Christian group wants the right to burn books. I’m not entirely sure what these books  did to them.
  • Logo’s NewNowNext award winners are up on this site. I wonder how do I get to sponsor an award?
  • You can now watch Heavy Metal Baghdad on Hulu


  • The Wanderlust Festival includes yoga and live music; sounds perfect to me! Follow this girl from She is traveling by car to the festival, but is going to stop at various yoga studios along the way. The fest is in Lake Tahoe, CA from July 24 –26!
  • Time Magazine says there’s New research on what our dreams mean. For a while I keep having recurring dreams about tv show characters dying…wonder what that meant?
  • And finally, via Pop Candy again – this site wonders what Mario (from the nintendo video game) would look like with different mustaches.

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