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{June 17, 2009}   Miami Humpday goings on (week of 6-17)

We are a small community really, but we have a lot of coolness down here in the 305!

  • First up: the So Raw Festival is a showcase of local art and music and is here to prove that Miami has the rawest talent around. Includes Miami bands like The Yolks and Electric Bunnies and not-so local, but unknown bands like Fluffy Lumbers and Pink Reason…never heard of them? Well, that’s kinda the point of the fest! Be ultra-cool and go this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, June 19&20!
  • Fuerza Bruta – “Fuerza Bruta will transform the Lynn Wolfson Stage into an alternate universe with flying dancers, pumping beats, engaging dream sequences and a multidimensional swimming pool above the heads of the audience.” – Arsht Website. Sounds like something you need to see to understand, because I don’t really know what it’s about my the description, which intrigues me. My advice: if you go, just be down for anything!
  • Lastly, registration for the 2nd annual P.A.T.H. camp is open! P.A.T.H is all about preserving hip-hop history by teaching it to kids! (And if you need an extra Hip Hop History lesson, my I recommend this book. It’s unparalleled for its hip-hop history: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop by Jeff Chang)

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