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{June 21, 2009}   My TV watching scheduled

If you haven’t noticed yet, with what I read, listen to, and watch I go by what sounds like it could be interesting. So, with that in mind, I thought I’d be adventurous this week and watch all the shows that I’ve heard about that sound, well, interesting. Watch too, if you want, and let me know your thoughts. I know I’m missing some great TV? I need something new to watch for my Thursdays and Fridays. Got suggestions? Comment in the comment section or email me.

Listed by day 
(NOTE: All times are EST; check local listings) 

Sunday, June 21

  • Killer Hair – Lifetime movie @8pm
    Why? the corpse has bad hair…enough said. 
  • True Blood – HBO @9pm
    WHy? I watched the first ep of the 2nd season and wasn’t enthralled like many others. So I’m going to give it another try. 


Monday, June 22

  • Gimme Sugar – Logo @10pm
     Why? About lesbians trying to start a club in LA. 
  • Weeds – Showtime @10pm
    Why? Simply because I’ve never seen an ep and of course, because there’s illegal substances involved. 
  • Nurse Jackie – Showtime @10:30pm
    Why? Pill-popping nurse. I’m on board, just hope she isn’t female-version of House.  


Tuesday, June 23

  • Beautiful People – Logo @10:30pm
    Showtunes in Suburbia…I’m in to it. 
  • Food Party – IFC @11:15pm
    Why? The most imaginative show on tv. Period. 


Wednesday, June 24

  • Be Like Others – HBO2 @8pm
    Why? It’s a documentary on Iran’s transexual population, that’s why.
  • Survive This – Cartoon Network @8:30pm
    Why? Teens without ipods or cellphones…oh my. 
  • Tattoo Highway – A&E @10pm
    Why? I’m in need of cover-up ink. Plus, you can get a free tat. but there’s a catch…the tattoo has to be your twitter username.

Thursday, June 25


Friday, June 26

  • Virtuality – Fox
    Why? Ex-producer of Battlestar Galactica new movie that’s why. 


Saturday, June 27

  • That Metal Show – VH1 Classic @11pm
    Why? While I don’t necessary love Heavy Metal music, but I like watching men talk about it. Go figure.


Daily: alexamtv

  • It’s On with Alexa Chung – MTV @12noon
    Oprah or Ellen may have been the first to twitter live on television, but I’m sure Alexa Chung will make it way cooler. 

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