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{June 24, 2009}   Humpday News 6.24.09

To make up for yesterday’s drought, there’s lot’s of news to share. I have some studying to do today, so I don’t know how much I’ll be able to post. I’ll make up for this with a extra large portion of news. 

Yesterday we started with some comedy, today some sad news up first:

  • Tonight Show side-kick Ed McMahon has died. I’ll always remember him as the host of Star Search. 
  • The band Dirty Projectors‘ got in a bad car accident yesterday. Everyone is reportedly ok, but the band has canceled Canadian tour dates. 
  • The View’s Elizabeth Hasslebeck has been accused of plagiarism
  • The Miami Herald is reporting Live Nation isn’t charging service fees today on 4-pack tickets only. So if you have been waiting to buy those concert tickets for you and some friends, today might be your day.
  • What’s the one thing Americans – even those who care about the environment, won’t give up. Hint: mobile music  
  • NYT reviews Bravo‘s new reality show NYC Prep. I also viewed the first 1/2 hour last night…Ummm, well all I’ll say is I’m glad I’m actually grown up. Note to all those kids on the show: I’ve traded lines on my face for something they are missing- what’s that: perspective.
  • News on the Beastie Boy’s new album. I hope it’s good. 


pic by Martyn Foster

pic by Martyn Foster


  • I ♥ Amanda Palmer (above) and this is why. Not only is she a kick-booty musician, but because she’s so bold and creative as to make money off of being a loser…$19,000 worth of loser.
  • And finally, I thought criminals were the smart ones. Maybe they are, but this one’s not.

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