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{June 30, 2009}   Tuesday news of note 6.30.09

I’m having a great time hanging with the family. Getting lots of things done and no one wants to kill each other yet. Definitely feeling like it’s possible to go home again and enjoy yourself.

But I also had time to peruse the latest pop culture news:

  • My favorite story of yesterday about a kid that swapped his ipod for a cassette and realized all the music he’s missing out on. 
  • Vote songs onto Paste magazine’s next free sampler cd
  • Fans of ER – Noah Wylie’s coming back to TV with this Steven Spielberg produced show.
  • This article says what would happen if Pushing Daisies hadn’t been cancelled. Sniff, sniff, tear 😦
  • Here’s a list of favorite shows that aren’t, but should be on DVD. How could they forget to include The Wonder Years?
  • Do you run? If so, you might want to check out what music American 50-k record holder Josh Cox listens to during a hard run and an easy run.

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