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{July 2, 2009}   Almost weekend news 7.2.09

Sorry about my absence  yesterday. I was out all day enjoying the day with my dad. Man, it really needs to stop raining in Connecticut. They can’t take any more. There was flooding. We encountered a puddle? so big that the water came all the way up to the stop sign. My friends parents had to evacuate their houses, many people’s basements are flooded. It’s crazy! Have to find how to do a stop raining rain dance.

Anyways, need some pop culture news? Here’s what I find most interesting from yesterday and today:

Starting off with some suggested books and music:

  • I consider myself pretty on top of the music scene, but I managed to only know of ONE of the albums on this list of the most overlooked albums of 2009. So therefore, it must be filled with ultra-coolness.
  • If you’re in need of a book to read, here looks to be a good list from Newsweek.
  • What does NPR say, “might unleash a frothing nerdstorm of outrage?” Panties?


And finally, some articles that I found interesting:

  • The author of this article says it’s getting harder for them to keep hating Starbucks
  • The BBC says the world’s ant population has been taken over by a mega-ant colony
  • and finally, finally, you know my love of zombies right? NPR has a history of sorts of Zombies!

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