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{July 8, 2009}   Wednesday News of Note 7.8.09

Man, I hate when my alarm doesn’t go off. That’s happen twice already this week. I guess subconsciously I need sleep. I stayed up late last night watching an amazing documentary that I hope you’ll check out. I promise if you watch it you will be left inspired. It’s called Life.Support.Music. Wow, all I have to say is don’t listen to doctors about what’s possible. The human capacity to heal is powerful!

I was also super productive yesterday. I hope you enjoyed the fruits of my labor. Anywho, here’s some pop culture news:

  • Hear the new album by The Dead Weather streaming on ilike
  • Hear last night’s Sonic Youth Concert on
  • Letterman’s top ten delivered by optimus prime:
  • Andrew Bird (who was on Conan last night) and St. Vincent will tour together this fall. Come to Miami, please!
  • A Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) concert will be streamed live this weekend! They are my favorite live jam band. I’m so excited!
  • You can now watch The State sketches on myspace. The Complete Series is due out on DVD next week
  • See the trailer for Megin Fox‘s new movie, the Juno writer, Diablo Cody’s Jennifer’s Body…hmmm.
  • Are you musically inclined? TV show Lost is looking for a theme song

And finally, I know you’re probably sick of Michael Jackon posts, but if not here’s some ways to check out his memorial yesterday:

  • Or here’s a website where people post videos of themselves moonwalking
  • Finally, Finally, whoa, his daughter Paris Jackson gives a heart-tugging couple of words for her father.


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