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{July 10, 2009}   Friday Finds

Some really cool finds this week. I’m really excited to share them, so let’s go:

  • Coolest use of Twitter: This is beyond cool. @ImogenHeap and her twitter followers stopped the internet leak of her forthcoming album! The power of twitter is almost scary…ok it is scary. Thank god it’s being used for good rather than evil!
  • Coolest Marketing idea: Willie Nelson’s Farm Aid, which holds a concert to raise money for struggling American Farmers- a very worthy cause. This year, organizers are revealing the location of the concert one tweet at a time for the next 7 days. Here’s some more info.
  • Coolest Music: If you haven’t heard Ida Maria yet, here’s your chance! Download her Daytrotter Session.
  • Coolest thing on the internet: If you love a good rant as much as I do – wasn’t George Carlin’s rants the best – then you, like me, will frequent this website called: Project Rant! Actors protray actual comments made by real people on various places around the internet.

As usual if you’ve found cool things you want me to share email me.


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