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{July 12, 2009}   In honor of my TA Obsession

Last night my plan was to watch a little tv, then spend the rest of the night curled up with a book and go to bed early so I could get up early and do some laundry. None of this, except the laundry, happened. Why, because my Tori Amos obsession became inflammed by tori amos fans tweeting from the opening night of her tour. Sigh…I thought this was under control, but it appears we and in-so-fact-o’ you (if I don’t lose you) are in for a long tour. If you’re crazy like me, you probably know this already, but you can go here for last night’s setlist. Carbon, China and Icicle with the Band!!! What??? She all the you tube videos here

In honor of Ms. Amos, here’s one of my faves from last night: Give

UPDATE: Here a live in-studio radio performance by Tori. She performs: Leather, Maybe California, Silent All These Years, 500 miles


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