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{July 13, 2009}   Miami happenings 7.13.09

Yay! I’m on top of things this week. Here’s what’s happening in Miami: UPDATED!

  • I’ve off eating soy, but I’m not sure if my soy-less diet includes soy panties from Miami Company Uranus Apparel
  • THE VAGABOND: WORLD FAMOUS DJ JOHN DIGGWEED spins for charity: Community Partnership For the Homeless! Thursday, July 16, doors 10:00pm. Click here for details
  • If you live in Miami you know why the new Marlins Baseball stadium is a big deal. You can watch the stadium being built viewing the Marlins live webcam
  • Miami on TV alert: Watch Bravo‘s latest reality show Miami Social about hot, young, successful Miami Business owners and resident South Beach Partiers…Why, I’ll check out the season premiere- to see how the other half lives in the city I live of course. Premiere’s Tuesday @10pm on Bravo…watch with my I’ll probably twitter my thoughts on the show. Follow me on twitter


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