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{July 13, 2009}   Monday Morning Headlines
Hi everybody! Hope you all had nice weekends. Mine was full of plans, of which about 1/2 were actually accomplished. My weekend was co-opted by the launch of Tori Amos‘s latest tour. I’m a bit obsessed, hopefully I didn’t annoy you too much with my little infatuation that came to a climax with me succumbing to the crazed fan in me by joining other crazed fans and twittered and hit the tori chat rooms during her live show in portland to cheer with fans as each song was announced as she played. Here’s what her set list included. Before this tour is done, in October, you’ll probably hear my story of how I got so crazy about Tori, but for now, I think it’s finally worked it way out of my system.
Anyways, here’s the Ms. Amos-less Monday headlines:
  • First up, would you pay to watch You Tube Videos?
  • Want some free food? It’s soooooooo hot, how about some free ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s is offering a buy one get one sundae on mondays…get it. And if that doesn’t work McDonald’s is offering Free Mocha Mondays (Thanks @miamicheap)
  • Have you heard The Dead Weather’s new album Horehound? I like it. If not, head over to
  • Here a review of a Those Darlins performance in NYC last week with video!
  • Early Trailer for my ex-celebrity crush (no reason not to be on friendly terms with exes ay?), here’s the funny trailer of Cemetery Junction due out in 2010, starring Ricky Gervais and Ralph Fiennes!
  • Are you afraid to fly? This guy was and did it for 30 days straight to get over his fear
  • From Time Magazine: Can video games help the elderly’s mental health?
  • That little toad from Marios Brothers video game has been flipping us off the whole time. What a punk!

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