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{July 16, 2009}   almost weekend notes

Good Morning everybody. Hope your weeks are going well, but if not it’s almost over. But I don’t like to wish my life away. So, here’s the almost weekend news:

  • First, I have a confession to make – I’ve never seen a Scream film. I’m not much of a horror movie person. But maybe the fourth one will be the charm. Courtney Cox Arquette and husband David Arquette will be in Scream 4.
  • The latest Harry Potter film was released this week. So this could be really helpful. Here’s 10 ways to get punched while seeing Harry Potter
  • Author J.K Rowling has officially promised Daniel Radcliffe that there will be no more Harry Potter books
  • I’ve never read Twilight (is it good?), but I think I would check out Twilight, the manga version
  • Unable to publish, this author is publishes his novel on Twitter
  • New Tosh.O on tonight! Here’s the video for his very funny web redemption segment entitled “Balloon Fail.” It’s hilarious 
  • Thousands of Dave Chapelle fans flocked to see him perform yesterday
  • Pop Matters reviews David Bowie’s Storytellers
  • Paul McCartney is taped two songs for the Late Show will David Letterman last night. He has put a third song online that you can view for the next 3 days only
  • Who do you think should be nominated for an Emmy? Emmy noms are out today. But first here’s who TV Guide thinks deserves a nod
  • Want to watch a House trailer for the upcoming season
  • And finally, Do you live around San Diego? If I did, I would definitely be attending the next Zombieland Zombie walk. Here’s pics of an earlier Zombie walk

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