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{July 19, 2009}   Favorite Tori Amos song?

Have I told you about my passion for Tori Amos? Well, I can’t contain it anymore. Last night, I spent the evening hanging out with Tori fans on Twitter as we got the set-list updated in real-time. It’s crazy, obsessive and, a lot of fun, I must admit. So I started thinking, I’d like to have a place for fans to interract with each other. Yes, we have the Toriphile Phorum, but I wanted a page on my blog to put specific questions out there.

tori-amos-sinful-attraction-tourSo here’s the first:


email me your answers @ and I will post them on the Tori Fan page, or you can comment in the comments section of this post. If you email, send a low-res pic of yourself to be included in your posts. You can even send me an audio file of the song. Let’s have some fun with this during the tour!


I have tons, but I guess my number one of all time is Caught a Lite Sneeze. Beautiful, raw, emotional, driving, interesting instrumentation, cryptic lyrics while at the same time delivering a pretty definitive message (boys on my left side, boys on my right side, and you’re not here). Passionate live performances solo & with band. Background vocal of “Inanna.” Doesn’t get much more bad ass than this.

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