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{July 24, 2009}   Almost weekend news

Today’s news is a little dominated by Comic-con, are you sick of hearing about it? So maybe first I’ll begin with some non-comic-con related stories…hmm, there’s not much. But I tried my best to not only give comic-con news. So here we go:

  • This is probably even cooler if I knew Farsi, but I think the animation is really great!
  • Do you want a Saved By The Bell Reunion, me neither, but if you do Late Night with Jimmy Fallon wants it to and wants people to sign a petition
  • Katie Holmes danced a Judy Garland Tribute on “So You Think You Can Dance” last night
  • You can now watch a high quality You Tube video on Thom Yorke‘s solo performance that he did last weekend

Now onto Comic Con:

  • Watch The Dexter season 4 trailer
  • James Cameron’s masterpiece “Avatar“, according to reports, is amazing
  • And finally, see the Zombieland movie trailer

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