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{July 24, 2009}   Friday’s Comic Con wrap-up

While I peruse tonight’s tv viewing selections here’s what’s happened today at that big industry conference happening in San Diego Comic Con about projects that aren’t going to be out for months if not years. (sorry for the sarcasm)

Here we go:

  • Spike Jonze’s Where All The Wild Things Are featurette
  • SGU is apparently the New Battlestar Galactica
  • Is Caprica (premiering Friday January 22, 2010) the new Buffy?
  • Johnny Depp continues his fandamonious takeover of Comic con
  • and finally, my favorite quote by a panelist today: “Why does Joss (Whedon) kill fans’ favorite characters ‘I hate people. I want them to suffer and die.'” – via @sepinwallWhedon (who is rapidly becoming my new celeb crush also said: “Who doesn’t love a good zombie apocalypse?” UPDATE: The TV Addict has a nice recap of Joss Whedon‘s comments during his panel

Did you see the announcement about the Red She-Hulk?

Large times:

Comic-Con RULES!

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