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{July 26, 2009}   Saturday Comic-Con wrap-up

So much info…and that information coming out of Comic-Con Saturday was pretty much all about the popular shows. I maybe have one comics related post, but it’s all good and it’s all good stuff. But be fore-warned it’s long. So, here we go Comic-Con wrap-up: The Super-sized edition

Divided by TV news on top followed by Movie news on the bottom:

TV news:

Lost also had some odd items to share:

  • Like their live video shown of Star Nestor Carbonell before he joined the panel: @televisionary tweeted: Nestor Carbonell is backstage… In makeup applying eyeliner!!!!! Hilarious! “This is cobalt! I asked for onyx! I only use onyx!”
  • Minute-to-minute live blog of the Chuck panel
  • Like Chuck? Website devoted to letting people know how great it is
  • Torchwood was picked up for another season by BBC
  • Futurama will go on, but with the original voices is still undetermined
  • Jason Bateman and Mike Judge’s Extract
  • Promises of peace and some explosions this season on 24
  • And how could I forget about the True Blood panel. Here’s a video of the Love Triangle that’s going to happen

Movie news:

  • Peter Jackson discusses The Hobbit – out Dec. 2011! (Note: ! is for emphasis, not a sense of joy)
  • Wired thinks Josh Brolin, Megin Fox and Jonah Hex are a match made in heaven
  • Watch Pop Candy‘s video recap of day 2
  • There was more, but I think that’s enough. So: and finally, my only real comics-related news item: Wonder Woman to become a Cagefight Superhero

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