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{August 4, 2009}   On TV tonight and tomorrow (8.4/8.5)

Tonight (Aug 4):

  • One of my favorite new shows: Bite Me with Dr. MikeTuesdays @10pm. I love how scientific he is. I always learn a bunch and am completely grossed out and entertained at the same time. Tonight’s ep features all the things that can bite in Mexico. See him with String Rays
  • Also on TV the return of FX’s Rescue Me – Also Tuesdays @10pm. I love Denis Leary’s crankiness. ER’s Maury Tierney guests tonight.

Tomorrow (Aug. 5):

  • The new season of my guilty pleasure Man Vs Food on The Travel Channel – Wednesdays @10pm. Tonight’s ep has host Adam Richman in San Antonio Texas checking out a 3 1/2 lb. cinnamon roll!
  • Make My Day debuts Aug 5 on TV Land @10:30pm. I hope it’s not cruel. The show makes ordinary people’s dreams come true, only they have no idea their whole dream day is staged and being secretly taped. On the first episode, a man ‘finds’ tickets to an Eric Clapton concert, meets his favorite NY Mets baseball player and bowls with Soprano’s star Vincent Pastore. Which has me thinking – what would your dream day include? Mine would include, of course, a chat with and maybe a hug from Tori Amos.

All week: I can’t believe I forgot about my favorite week of the year! It’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Shark docs @9pm all week!


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