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{August 6, 2009}   Almost Weekend news

Twitter was shutdown for nearly 2 hours by a “malicious” cyber attack today. It’s back now, but I knew there was a reason I took my time getting this news to you all. Facebook was also shutdown. So let’s not delay anymore:

  • Lollapalooza is this weekend. Here’s yet another list of can’t miss bands at this year’s fest. If you haven’t read my Lollapalooza post, here it is.
  • Spin Magazine counts down the greatest bands you’ve never heard of in it latest issue – you can’t get the list online (you have to buy the mag), but here a picture gallery of some of the bands that make the list, which includes a few South Florida bands.
  • 1st 7 minutes of Green Day‘s South Florida concert
  • Check out another great Jay-Z cover. Here’s his MJ tribute
  • Zombieland Trailer – “for mature audience” (whatever that means)
  • I’ve never read ‘The Lovely Bones,’ but I bought it for my mom and she loved it. The bestseller is now a movie. Here’s the trailer
  • Jennifer Aniston is starring in ‘Girls‘ – the true story of a all-female country band.
  • Singer Kaki King makes art while playing guitar in a new art exhibit
  • Stream No Age‘s EP ‘Losing Feeling
  • Yesterday, I mentioned the breastfeeding scene in Weeds. Today a sculpture of Angelina Jolie breastfeeding
  • Do you want to know how Netflix gets to your mailbox?
  • And finally, you love True Blood, do you want to get the official drink?


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