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{August 6, 2009}   On TV tonight: Thursday (8.6.09)

Season Three of the BBC America series Skins begins tonight @9pm. I’ve never seen the show, but Pop Candy loves the show


Or maybe Cop shows are your thing. Then you may want to check out Police Women of Broward County. Since the show’s set in South Florida [and cop/crime shows love to be in South Florida] the Sun Sentinel has an article introducing the show’s stars.


And a choice to make tonight as both shows are on at the same time, or maybe you’re up with the times, unlike me, and have Tivo. In any case check out the miniseries Chris Kattan’s Bollywood Hero on IFC this Thursday, Friday and Saturday @10pm. The La Times reviews the show (rather negatively) about an aspiring Bollywood Hero.


On TV tonight reminder – I love Tosh.0. I especially love his web redemption segment (posted video). Make sure you check it out if you haven’t already tonight @10pm on Comedy Central


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