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{August 14, 2009}   Friday News

Lots of great stuff to tell you about, I felt today needed a special news post. Enjoy the headlines and have a great weekend:

  • Spin thinks these are the top ten landmarks in Rock n’ Roll
  • So sorry to see it go, Comedy Central canceled Reno 911! Eonline wants you to share your memories of the show
  • RIP John Hughes by Molly Rigwald and here’s the trailer for the upcoming documentary about the late director:
  • Thousands protested Madonna‘s concert in Prague
  • Elvis movie marathon on Turner Classic Movies all Sunday
  • Fuse TV presents the best of Lollapalooza 2009 on Saturday, August 15 @9pm EST/8 CST (check local listings)
  • The Soundtrack to Lord of the Rings is being played at Radio City Music Hall in October
  • And finally, why is Scrubs’ character Chris Turk the new Mr. Belding? Saved-by-the-Bell-Cast


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