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{August 17, 2009}   On TV Monday

In a week that sees the premiere of two of my favorite shows ‘Project Runway‘ on Thursday and ‘Top Chef‘ on Wednesday, what do we watch on TV tonight? I spent the afternoon cleaning out my room mainly because I caught an episode of A&E’s Obsessed about a guy that hordered stuff. I saw a little of myself in him and promptly freaked out. So my room is now in a state of disarray. Why does cleaning out something always seem to make a bigger mess?

Anyways, on TV tonight Monday, Aug. 17 @10pm on A&E is the series premiere of their latest show surrounding obsessive complusive behavior Hoarders. Tonight’s ep features a couple  that’s so messy they are in danger of losing their children to protective services and a woman who must say “I enjoyed you while you were here” to things before she throws them out.” (info via Entertainment Weekly).

I like watching these shows because yes, these people are in pain, but I find their struggles and ultimately, usually their successes so inspiring. It’s the human condition.


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