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{September 9, 2009}   Wednesday: The return of news

I am so pleased to be able to give you a news of note post. I love these news posts, but unfortunately they are a ton of work. I had time, so I tried to make this one extra special. Here we go:

  • Entertainment Weekly reviews The Beatles Remasters that are being released today and here’s the cover of a ‘Beatles’ graphic novel
  • Legal Settlement yesterday, so we can get ‘Hobbit‘ yay!!!
  • Yesterday Neil Gaiman and his lady love Amanda Palmer talked of a “silent” movie they were working on. Here’s the details
  • Download an acoustic Metric performance
  • Rolling Stone reviews Yo La Tengo, Phish (what it calls their best album yet), Vivan Girls and more
  • NPR streaming 70s power band Big Star‘s box set disc
  • Morrissey is going to release a b-sides album
  • What does Tyra Bank’s real hair look like?
  • And finally, have you heard this is coming to theaters? Are you going to see it? Yeah, me too. And this little tidbit is related.

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