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{October 17, 2009}   Book Finds: Trotsky, Craig Ferguson’s memoir + more
  • TrotskyI heard about this graphic novel a few months ago and I meant to mention it then, but it slipped my mind. Maybe one of the best graphic novels of the year: Rick Geary’s graphic biography: Trotsky
  • fergusoncoverMaybe the least popular of the late night tv hosts, I think Craig Ferguson’s show is really good. He’s written a memoir called American on Purpose and it is reportedly very good.

And two books I found via Entertainment Weekly:

  • SupergirlsThe Supergirls by Mike Madrid about the “evolution of female comic-book characters” that is “just obsessive enough about women who wear capes and boots to be cool, but not creepy.” Cheers to that!
  • chronic_cityAnd finally, Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem about anxiety and isolation in Manhattan. Ah, juxtaposition; got to love it! (Click on the link above to read a selection from the book.)

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