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{October 30, 2009}   True Blood Spoilers

Here’s a wrap-up of the True Blood panel that happened this week, including a twitter diary by @Televisionary:

From Televisionary

From Watch With Kristin

From The Advocate

Or @Televisionarys Tweets during the panel:

  • At the #TrueBlood writers event @PaleyCenter. If anyone else is here, come say hi!
  • Alan Ball says he is not a fan of stunt casting. So, no Snoop Dogg then. #trueblood
  • Ball says he is having so much fun writing for #trueblood that he’s waiting for the other shoe to drop & find he has to write procedural.
  • Ball says it was Episode 5 where #trueblood really clicked.
  • Nancy Oliver says that she feels very lucky to be on HBO. Ball once again says “vampires are sex.” it’s meant to be adult and raw and real.
  • Ball admits being in the room and saying, “Come on, can we get his shirt off? It’s Louisiana, it’s hot.” #trueblood
  • Metaphors on the show are just “fun window dressing,” but they are not the main point of the show or the heart
  • The humor on #trueblood is not because the writers want to plug in a joke but because the actors play it straight the humor is unexpected.
  • Alexander Woo says that #trueblood fan are the best looking fans in the world
  • Ball says he really enjoys writing fit Jason and Lafayette. Tucker says Jessica and Hoyt. Buckner says ERIC. #trueblood
  • Look for major Skarsgaard nudity in te first episode of Season 3.#trueblood
  • Ball regretted killing Gran but said it was necessary and the right decision. He shrugged when asked about Eggs. #trueblood
  • Ball said Maryann is DEAD. #trueblood
  • Stephen Moyer will not be marginalized though Bill and Sookie will have some major problems, possibly longer than Team Bill would like.
  • SPOILER! Eric will get amnesia in Season Four, said Ball. #trueblood
  • Look for more Nan Flanagan in Season 3.
  • Pam will have a lot on her hands in Season Three. #trueblood
  • “We had a vampire in the White House for eight years.” – Ball #trueblood
  • Godric will be back via flashbacks
  • Look for Season Three to launch around June


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