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{January 23, 2010}   Conan says goodbye

Personally, I thought Conan should have never left The Late Show, but oh well. I missed Conan’s last show as The Tonight Show’s host, (my mother said of it “While I am not a huge Conan O’Brien fan, I thought he handled himself with such class and dignity last night that he actually won me over and I will be delighted to see what is in store for him in the future”). Looking on the bright side it seems through the late night fiasco Conan has finally got his groove back.

So, luck  for me, Conan’s final show is all over the internet today! You can read a summary of what went down here and view his farewell monologue, or read Time Magazine’s TV critic’s review, or you can just watch the whole show yourself on Hulu.

Also, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots paid tribute to Conan on The Late Show


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