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{February 1, 2010}   Grammys on Twitter – Twitter Diary

Was sucked in via Twitter into the Fiasco that was The Grammys (here’s a fun post (read the photo captions) about the awards show). A lot of news sources live tweeted during the show, but only seems to have compiled their tweets, if you missed it. Or if you’re interested,  here are mine +my favorites tweet-comments of the night:

  • ME: hate to b a party pooper, but remember when no one watched the grammy’s b/c they honored high musical achievement…until they changed format to honor the best of popular music to get better ratings. #imjustsayin – why i’m not watching to grammys
  • @Charles_Aaron “I want to thank my record label for letting me write every song on my album”…still reeling from the utter pathos of that statement…
  • @allsongs I try to watch the Grammy’s but every year I just can’t get past the music and the frou frou
  • ME: Should I stop Grammy hatin’?

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