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{August 23, 2010}   Book Review: Numb

Just Finished:

Numb: A Novel
by Sean Ferrell

I was touched by Numb. Initially, I was drawn to its subject: pain and after reading it, I was reminded me of the fact that to feel pain is to be human; that it’s what we all have in common. The book follows a character named Numb. Named that way because he turns up at a circus with no memories of who he is or where he came from and without the ability to feel pain. In Numb’s efforts to find an identity without pain, which is what the book asserts is necessary to the process, Numb doesn’t seem to have the ability to worry about the people (who can feel pain) that he leaves in his wake. The novel is at its best in the passages with Ferrell’s ruminations on pain. I wish he had stayed there throughout the novel and had forgone delving into fame’s place in the human experience, but ultimately for a person who’s spent a life healing wounds of the past, it was nice to be reminded that I’m human after all.

Buy it here: Numb: A Novel by Sean Ferrell


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