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{November 30, 2009}   Lost Trailer

EW has got what it calls the “coolest” Lost trailer


{November 26, 2009}   Late Release Day

This week I’ve, and I think the rest of the world, has been taking it easy. So I’ve finally got a good amount of stuff that’s been released this week. Check out all my picks in the Store of Coolness

Here’s the release of the week:

Absolute Death by Neil Gaiman

Next week: Paper Heart arrives on DVD and Blu-ray. Enter to win a copy here

{November 24, 2009}   Release Day: Slim Pickings

It might be because everyone’s brain is thinking about food rather than movies and music, the pickings in these areas as slim. You can hear all the music releases on

Or head over to the Store of Coolness to browse the slim pickings

{November 24, 2009}   At Sweat Records

The priestess of cool Lolo of Sweat Records reports:

  • And tomorrow (11/25) is the 7th annual Prom


From Paste: Top Movie Scenes of the decade

From The A/V Club: Best Comics

From PopDose: Picks top songs of the decade


Combining news from yesterday and this morning, why? Because it’s a holiday week I think my brain automatically goes on auto-pilot. Anyways, here’s some news for your holiday week:

Screen new George Clooney flick ‘Up In The Air‘ TOMORROW (11/24) in Miami. Click here for more details

I’ve never seen Pearl Jam live, so I guest watching their Austin City Limits performance is the second best thing…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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{November 20, 2009}   Best of 2009: Books

First of these best of 2009 lists. It’s from Oprah, who picks her best books of the year.


{November 20, 2009}   Friday News Post
Taking a bit of a break today, so have a great weekend, but first some headlines:
  • Ringo and Paul McCartney duet on Starr’s latest album
  • Project Runway’s done for this season. NPR asks what went wrong with it
  • HIMYM’s Jason Segel joined The Swell Season on stage this week

et cetera