My list of Coolness Blog

People that are way cooler than me, whom I get much of my info for my blog from. Most are the usual suspects and some are just passionate fans like me, but they all deserve all the coolness cred πŸ™‚

RU a cool kid? If you want to be listed on this page email me.


  • The Bee Charmer blog by Becca Darling –Β  She’sΒ  tops in music taste and she is always looking for new music!
  • Brooklyn Vegan – Tops for live music reporting. I also like BV because you can feel his passion for music and that he is doing it because he is a die-hard music fan.
  • Large-hearted boy – His taste is incredible. Tops in books and MP3 music downloads.
  • – the latest music news
  • – Carla Golden’s wonderful blog – great for health-related information. She’s really passionate about health.
  • Paste Magazine – Readers, to date, have donated over $200,000 to help save the struggling magazine, which I think is a testimate to how good it is.
  • Pop Candy is a UsaToday entertainment blog. It’s written by the high priestess of cool (in my opinion) Whitney Matheson.
  • Pop & Hiss – LA Times music blog. Very high class blogging, but always up on the cool trends at the same time.
  • Spinner – The best other than My Space for previewing new music. I love it because it hasΒ  full albums of the new releases to listen to each week.
  • Stereogum – come on, a cool kids section without them. They rule in terms of music blogging.
  • Sweat Records is a record store in Miami. The gals that run it are the epitome of cool. Am I a dinosaur because I still love listening to the full album and not just one song or another? I must get a record player, CD stores are gone, but records stores – ala DJs, I think, are surviving according to this article from the blogger attached to this listing. Long live vinyl. Who’s with me?
  • Undented – I heart Tori Amos forever. I can’t even feign non-bias when I talk about her. This site is unparalleled in all news Tori.
  • Yoga Mates – Everything you wanted to know about yoga and more…too much perhaps.

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