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Tori Amos Twitter Reviewed Concert:

I was a tweeting fool last night at the Tori Amos concert on Miami Beach. I had so much fun and could hardly contain my excitement so I twittered. It was like having a friend to comment with during the show. The theme of last night’s concert to me seemed to be surrounding dark princes – you know those men that are – ahem, not good for you. I’ve been burned by a few of such princes and dark princesses (in friendship) too. This lead me to protect my heart for years, shutting it off – but in protection I closed it off to people. This is what I was thinking while Tori performed last night. This is why I love her, she always seems to meet me where I am and leads me on the next step on my path – the mark of a true soulmate, if I do say so myself.

And what is this next step? I always go alone to Tori shows. No one is in to her. While Twitter was a nice companion for the night. I left the concert thinking, it’s time to open my heart back up. I love Tori and want to share my tori concert experiences, want to share my love and passion with some one. I figure Twitter is my first step on this path…so here are my tweets, sharing this amazing night with you. Hugs fellow Tori lovers…

(NOTE: The text with parentheses around I added later to clarify and also to add things that I would have said if I had a computer rather than a cell phone)

  • Tori time!
  • Just asked what time it was. Girl said “It’s Tori time.” Duh
  • Now tori’s on

Give 1

  • Leg up on piano (bench) thrusting

Rasberry Swirl (ROCKED! Miami loves a good groove they can dance to)

Cornflake Girl

  • Gold leggings yellow dress w/green shoulder pad-type thingys
  • leggings white actually (they were sparkly white)


  • Tori said hasn’t been to miami since 1996 (come back soon!!!)
  • I’m sorry it looks like tori has a baby bump (but maybe it’s just the leggings)



  • she always plays Hotel in south fla. Hmm

Jamaica Inn

  • My fave part o tori shows peeps smiling the entire show and hugging eachother



  • My 2nd fave part of a tori show peeps shear joy after recognizing song they love

Lizard time Winter

  • Peeps are singing along (It was funny. It seemed Tori was trying to hear if people were singing, so she stopped short, but then the audience stopped singing. Did anybody else noticed this?)
  • But respectively
  • Girl sitting next to me is crying… (it’s) beautiful

Famous blue raincoat

  • Now i’m choking up. fight it (girl, get it together)

Band’s back Little Earthquakes

  • Dare i say a dark princes theme
  • I know a few tori’s helped me recover from

Police me

Mother revolution

  • Love it when tori smiles (she had a lot of energy tonight. Lots of smiles and interaction with the crowd via body movements. She danced and thrusted, even slapped her butt. Tori was lots of fun tonight!)

Precious things

  • Chicks always get up and dance to this one. It’s the jesus coming part
  • Like the breathing coming to the front during instrument break
  • I’ve heard precious things more times than i can count
  • But tonight it was really good. Best ever maybe

Strong black vine

  • Tori went nuts at the end of vine (I hope someone got a video – though security was checking. It was like an improve. It went something like: “Boys push out your evil, can you push out your evil, push out your fucking evil, you can’t push it out, I can, I’m an earth mother…there were a few more fbombs, a m%therf&cker and, by my count, at least 2 c%cks&ckers…very nice. It was like classic Tori. I loved it- the perfect ending to a dark princes/ girl power night)

Encore: body and soul

Bouncing Off Clouds

  • Someone’s bouncing their crutches up in the air rhythmically
  • Tori responded by pointing to her crotch (directing it to the guy with the crutches)

Tori clapping her butt must be big wheel time

  • Tori twirled off the stage. It’s done
  • Show’s done and so are my tweets goodnight (Only god knows how many times I’ve seen Tori live, but tonights show was by far the best ever! )

Thus ends my end of her tour…until the next time


Tori Amos fans twitter set-lists

Fandamonium:  Tori Fanantic fans write the Twitter Diary this week and I’m one of them including my musings on obsession:

  • Me: If home something to follow #toriamos fan craziness rt @undented~ Seattle Ho!: The Sinful Attraction tour is kicking off tonight in Seattle
  • xenocid Thank you, Tori! My soul is still shaken, distressed & sensitive after your concert. #toriamos
  • keesoo @popbytes Tori was unbelievable in Seattle. I smiled all night. 1st time ever & I’ve been a fan since her 1st album. #toriamos
  • wojsvenwoj up at 7:30 to do all the workie things i didn’t have time to do over the week but now distracted by #toriamos seattle youtubes.
  • @kele305: whoa! Watching fever pitch, making me seriously contemplate my tori amos obsession. “Capable o’havin passion-hoping redirect passion 4 me.”
  • @kele305: “Let me ask you something-you love the red sox, but have the red sox ever loved you back?”
  • @nikt22 Tori coverd “Landslide” yes I cried!
  • svetafedkina @brandoncarmody thank you for posting a track list! the right way to be a little bit closer to tori singing in portland.
  • @bloodlesscoup Little Earthquakes… And they’re wheeling in a harpsichord! Wow, I fail at spelling.
  • @bloodlesscoup “give me life, give me pain, give me my self again…” Love it!

(Oakland show)

  • @Undented Tori perty in Indien maiden dress. – V.
  • UndentedAlso purple Flashdance tights & awesome five-inch heels – v.!
  • limbonite #toriamos just sang Baby One More Time by Britney Spears @ the Oakland show…made my night (of course, because she flipped it on its head).
  • insinglefile tori covered britney spears & twugs is back in the trending topics. what is the world coming to!? #toriamos
  • Silvox Era obvio que a #ToriAmos ia tocar a chatinha ”Maybe California” aqui no Californo.
  • JasonAg Precious things; let’s hope for a good crotch grab tonight 😉#toriamos
  • Silvox #ToriAmos in Okland:16.Mother Revolution 17.Carbon 18.Precious Things –>this is the part where I cry…



  • @ThatKevinSmithWasn’t fishing for it, but appreciate all the love nonetheless. Let’s change the subject: amazing week of hardcore stoner sex with the wife.
  • @ThatKevinSmithTen years in and we bone like we’re cheating on each other WITH each other. A decade-plus and her clit/brown/taint-area still pOwns my dick.
  • @ThatKevinSmithOn a roll this week: we’ve fucked twice a day every day since Sunday. With little fanfare I’m trying to make it a solid four weeks straight.4 minutes ago from web
  • @ThatKevinSmithSorry ’bout the mush. She’s doing her makeup in the mirror and I’m having one of those “You lucky fat fuck…” moments. Lucky fat fuck = me.



Michael Jackson Tribute, 7.07.09

  • @breznican #MJ memorial starts: Smokey Robinson reads letters from Diana Ross, Nelson Mandela. Now hushed as band gets ready. Finally some gravitas
  • @breznican Thriller director John Landis w/ wife chase away fans trying to sneak into VIP seats at #MJ funeral. “We’re seat fillers!” Riiight.about 5 hours ago from TwitterMail
  • @poniewozik Shep Smith: “What sort of crazy somethin-or-other is going to happen? B/c MJ is in the house. & when MJ’s in the house crazy things happen”
  • @breznican Church choir sings “Hallelujah! We are going to see the king …” as #MJ casket covered in red roses is carried in.about 4 hours ago from TwitterMail
  • @kele305 Question of the day: am I a sick individual b/c during MJ memorial I’m most interested in seeing MJ’s golden coffin? 

  • @sepinwall-Watching Jacko coverage, want to pop on The Killers’ “Under the Gun” for the chorus: “Kill me now, kill me now, kill me now…”
  • @sepinwall Of all the Jackson songs Smith had to reference, it was “Remember the Time”?
  • @breznican Mariah finishes “I’ll Be There.” Woman behind us starts filling Kleenex about 4 hours ago from web
  • @poniewozik Hearing Berry Gordy recall MJ’s audition beats the whole past week of TV pundits’ retelling of the same (or similar) stories.
  • @sepinwall I may complain about the TV coverage of the memorial, but Stevie was brilliant. As you’d expect him to be.
  • @adrianruhi Is Stevie Wonder the greatest living musician? “Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer” is more touching than ever
  • @kele305 Stevie Wonder!!!
  • @poniewozik Gorgeous Stevie Wonder performance; rises over the whole weird spectacle.
  • @OpieRadio Holy S! Stevie Wonder just tripped off the stage into Michael Jackson’s coffin knocking the red roses off all willy nilly! #michaeljackson
  • @poniewozik In a weird way, this is what an Am Idol finale aims at (Stevie, JHud, L Richie), but invested with actual emotion.
  • @kele305 Did Magic Johnson just say he met “Jessie” Jackson and his brother marlin?
  • @kele305 Magic seems to have pulled it together though and said nice things about michael
  • @sepinwall Did Magic just try to turn the memorial into a custody hearing?about 4 hours ago from web
  • @kele305 Jennifer Hudson’s doing one of my MJ faves: “Will You Be There.”
  • @breznican Sharpton slams critics to #MJ kids: “Ain’t nothing strange about your daddy. It was STRANGE what he had to deal with!” Crowd. Goes. Wild
  • @OpieRadio Rev Al on stage time for a bathroom break…..
  • @kele305 Oh no…Al Sharpton
  • @kele305 Oh God- John Mayer? Sigh
  • @kele305 at least it appears John Mayer won’t be singing.
  • @adrianruhi Am I the only one hoping John Mayer’s smooth jazz rendition of “Human Nature” will turn into a rocking rendition of “Beat It”?about 3 hours ago from web
  • @OpieRadio Of course, they didn’t let the white guy sing…poor John Mayer! It’s racism, I tell ya! 

  • @kele305 starting 2 Wonder if you got an invite to perform if your name included an “M” and a “J” magic, Mariah, Jennifer, John Mayer. I’m just sayin
  • @breznican Brooke Shields on #MJ: “I remember at Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding …” Audible group whisper from crowd members to each other: “Which one
  • @OpieRadio Brooke Shields was 13 when she was hanging around with MJ!!! He liked her until those pesky boobies showed themselves…icky!about 4 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  • @breznican Jermaine singing “Smile” sure to hit hard with anyone who has sang at the funeral of loved one
  • @breznican Usher sings at #MJ funeral: “Gone too soon…” Ends sobbing. Crowd applauds. Unsettling combination.
  • @poniewozik Yes, Charlie Gibson, that IS a helicopter shot of the Staples Center! Thxbai!
  • @poniewozik Wrong song choices, Susan Boyle. Advantage Jafargholi.
  • @Breznican#MJ funeral ends with massive singalong: “We Are the World” and “Heal the World”
  • @poniewozik The thing about We Are the World, of course, is that it was by definition about more than one person. Apt choice, or a strange one?about 2 hours ago from web
  • @poniewozik Are they tying this final performance into a call for charity (as with USA For Africa)?about 2 hours ago from web
  • @PopHiss Michael Jackson memorial: ‘We Are the World,’ ‘Who’s Lovin’ You’ and the final performances
  • @OpieRadio This just in, Tito was picked to go through Michaels pockets to make sure there’s no more money to be had before they bury him. tee hee!
  • @Breznican Amid the spectacle, #MJ daughter cries: “Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father … Read more at

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