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{February 8, 2011}   Some Docs Not To Miss

This listing of documentaries includes Orgasm Inc., which looks into pharmaceutical companies trying to medicalize female sexuality. Check ’em out if they come to your town or come out on DVD.


So excited to see the new Tron reboot! To get in the mood for the movie you can listen to Daft Punk’s soundtrack for Tron: Legacy.

{July 16, 2010}   Help fun a David Lynch doc

Deemed to weird for Hollywood, David Lynch is turning to fans to help fund his movies.

{May 7, 2010}   Movies and Betty White

Are you going to see Babies? Maybe purely just to have something to ooo and aaah over. It opens this weekend. Meet the babies documented in the new movie. Also, if it’s screening in your area, I recommend going to see Please Give. A movie about crazy NYC people trying to get a dying old lady’s apartment. And, don’t forget Betty White is hosting SNL this weekend! There will be a Golden Girls Marathon on the WE channel running up to her SNL appearance.

{March 17, 2010}   DVDs released today

I feel like listing the dvd picks this week:

  • The Cool School – This documentary examines the rise of the Los Angelos art scene
  • Astro Boy – animated movie based on Osamu Tezuka’s classic anime story
  • Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town – Sure Twilight: New Moon is out on DVD on March 20, but also out is a documentary about the Washington state town made famous by the books
  • Veiled Voices – This documentary follows 3 Islamic female leaders whose divorces cause many to question their legitimacy as leaders
  • Paris – Juliet Binoche stars as the sister of a dancer that is warned his job could kill him, so he reinvents his life
  • Wonderful World – A pessimistic pot head has to examine his cynicism after his roomate becomes ill

Also out: Did you Hear about the Morgans, White Strips Doc: Under Great White Northern Lights, Broken Embraces

I’ve never done this pretty much all on my own. How’d I do?

And check out all the new releases in Amazon Links

{March 13, 2010}   Watch SXSW 2010 films at home

I’m seeing 5 films that are premiering at SXSW this year will be available in various places. I already missed being able to watch The White Stripes Live Documentary (it premiered yesterday). Don’t miss any more! For full details go to

Here’s the movies picked to be screened on-demand (on major cable systems):

Friday, March 12

The White Stripes ‘Under Great White Northern Lights‘ – Documentary

Monday, March 15

Lovers of HateComedy

Tuesday, March 16

Le Donk & Scor-Zay-ZeeComedy

NOTE: It looks like two other films from SXSW 2009 will be made available on-demand as well…

A few movies are available to rent on’s video-on-demand section (scroll down til you see “SXSW Festival Premiere Films” and on Itunes. These movies are available on the day of their festival premieres.

Documentary Heaven is a website that streams lots and lots of documentaries for free and legally. (via Largeheartedboy)

The Pixies’ doc ‘loudQuietloud‘ is streaming on Hulu.

{January 22, 2010}   Help fund this movie

A biker was just killed in Miami last week. It’s horrible, here’s a movie that wants to raise awareness about the issue and you can help fund the ‘Ghost Bikes‘ Film Project. (via Highmoon)

These resources look great for finding new books, bands and films to love in 2010:

First 2010 Bands: NME Magazine looks like you can download (I haven’t tried yet – sometimes offers are only for Europe 😦 ) a song from each artist featured!

  • UPDATE: Billboard previews many of the upcoming albums being released this year

Now 2010 books: A very ambitious and encompassing guide to this year’s book releases listed by month!

And finally films – Two items:

  • One is a site that lets you know which and when movies will be streaming on Netflix
  • PBS’s series Independent Lens has released its January documentary schedule and it features all music films, including my favorite documenary of last year, ‘Young at Heart‘!!!

et cetera