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{October 30, 2009}   True Blood Spoilers

Here’s a wrap-up of the True Blood panel that happened this week, including a twitter diary by @Televisionary:

From Televisionary

From Watch With Kristin

From The Advocate

Or @Televisionarys Tweets during the panel:

  • At the #TrueBlood writers event @PaleyCenter. If anyone else is here, come say hi!
  • Alan Ball says he is not a fan of stunt casting. So, no Snoop Dogg then. #trueblood
  • Ball says he is having so much fun writing for #trueblood that he’s waiting for the other shoe to drop & find he has to write procedural.
  • Ball says it was Episode 5 where #trueblood really clicked.
  • Nancy Oliver says that she feels very lucky to be on HBO. Ball once again says “vampires are sex.” it’s meant to be adult and raw and real.
  • Ball admits being in the room and saying, “Come on, can we get his shirt off? It’s Louisiana, it’s hot.” #trueblood
  • Metaphors on the show are just “fun window dressing,” but they are not the main point of the show or the heart
  • The humor on #trueblood is not because the writers want to plug in a joke but because the actors play it straight the humor is unexpected.
  • Alexander Woo says that #trueblood fan are the best looking fans in the world
  • Ball says he really enjoys writing fit Jason and Lafayette. Tucker says Jessica and Hoyt. Buckner says ERIC. #trueblood
  • Look for major Skarsgaard nudity in te first episode of Season 3.#trueblood
  • Ball regretted killing Gran but said it was necessary and the right decision. He shrugged when asked about Eggs. #trueblood
  • Ball said Maryann is DEAD. #trueblood
  • Stephen Moyer will not be marginalized though Bill and Sookie will have some major problems, possibly longer than Team Bill would like.
  • SPOILER! Eric will get amnesia in Season Four, said Ball. #trueblood
  • Look for more Nan Flanagan in Season 3.
  • Pam will have a lot on her hands in Season Three. #trueblood
  • “We had a vampire in the White House for eight years.” – Ball #trueblood
  • Godric will be back via flashbacks
  • Look for Season Three to launch around June


A classic and one of my favorite shows. It still makes me laugh! Here’s the infamous Halloween Bungholo episode of MTV’s Beavis and Butthead

USA Today has two articles featured the supernatural beings.

  • The first, if you ever find yourself turned into a Vampire, Werewolf or Zombies these books might come in handy
  • And this sounds exciting – Steven King is on board for a series of comics about the evolution of vampires due out in March 2010!

{October 29, 2009}   Random Post: Tweets Summary

Either I was being lazy or didn’t think most things this week warranted an entire post, but now I’m putting all the things that perhaps didn’t deserve a post into one big one. Hopefully the sum will equal post worthliness. Anyway, here it goes…my twitter week in review:

  • Scrubs is back Dec 1 if anyone still cares about that show.
  • And finally, I want these for Xmas!

{October 28, 2009}   DVDs out today (Oct. 28)

Docs galore!




They Might Be Giants have created CDs for kids and now they’ve added a sing along illustrated children’s book ‘Kids Go!’ to the list. It will be released on Nov. 3. You can win a copy from Largeheartedboy! The book is a fairy tale and it comes with an animated DVD.

{October 27, 2009}   Metric unplugged

One of my faves Metric released the acoustic EP ‘Plug In Plug Out’ today exclusively on Hear it here

George Clooney and Co. latest is screening in Miami on Wednesday, Nov. 4 at 8pm. You want to go? Oh and, of course, there’s an after-party @10pm. It’s Miami after all.

{October 27, 2009}   Live tonight: Concert streams
  • At 6:30pm Pacific Standard Time head over to Amoeba in San Fran or They will be streaming a LIVE instore with Gossip! (via @SpinnerTweet)
  • NPR is broadcasting Ben Gibbard and Jay Farrar’s concert of their music inspired by Jack Kerourac’s ‘Big Sur.’ I’ve heard live the music really comes to life. Check it out here starting at around 9pm.
  • This one’s happening on Friday, Oct. 30 @ 7pm (PST), but I thought I’d include it here. The Foo Fighters will be live streaming a performance and chat here (via @concertaholics)

{October 27, 2009}   On TV Tonight & Tomorrow: PBS

Check your local listings for times, but hang out with PBS tonight and tomorrow!

  • Tonight Oct. 27 don’t miss Journals of a Wily School on PBS’ Independent Lens. The doc follows a pickpocket on the streets of Kolkata.
  • Tomorrow (Oct. 28) PBS is showing a documentary based on Michael Pollan’s ‘Botany of Desire

et cetera