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Here is the full Twitter Diary from last night’s Grammy Awards:
  • ME: hate to b a party pooper, but remember when no one watched the grammy’s b/c they honored high musical achievement…until they changed format to honor the best of popular music to get better ratings. #imjustsayin – why i’m not watching to grammys
  • @Charles_Aaron “I want to thank my record label for letting me write every song on my album”…still reeling from the utter pathos of that statement…
  • @allsongs I try to watch the Grammy’s but every year I just can’t get past the music and the frou frou
  • ME: Should I stop Grammy hatin’?
  • @shannoncpitt: Leonard Cohen gets only a moment. Pink gets Cirque. I’d rather see Cohen swinging from the rafters singing Hallelujah.
  • ME: Juanes! …introducing a comedy album. Yeah, that makes sense #grammysfail
  • @EWMusicMix is it too late for me to nominate the Black Eyed Peas in the comedy category, too?
  • ME: I don’t understand y people like Norah Jones/Ringo Starr r presenting awards 2 people who don’t deserve them…they should be receiving them
  • @TVWithoutPity Uh oh, looks like Slash is making a play for Elton John’s novelty sidekick crown at the #Grammys
  • RT @SPINmagazine One presenter is famous for popularizing the macabre & grotesque. The other is Alice Cooper. (Cooper presented with Katy Perry)
  • ME: who has a pair of 3d glasses hanging around the house? Is that Celine Dion WTF #grammysfailagain
  • ME: God I miss MJ (his music)
  • ME: MJ is schoolin’ em and he’s dead RT @DodgeMOKB ohhhh sheeyat! Smokey Robinson just schooled the kids #grammys
  • ME: R usher’s glasses 3-d? Trippy if he’s watching himself in 3-d
  • ME: oh god…the kids
  • ME: Does anyone else find the Jackson kids a bit creepy?
  • ME: Can’t believe Twitter sucked me into this Grammy madness
  • @TVwithoutPity It’s shocking to hear that Bon Jovi never performed at the #Grammys before tonight. It means the Grammys may have actually once had taste.
  • ME: Say whatcha want about DMB (Dave Matthews Band) but they just rocked shit out
  • @FlagpoleMusic This performance is pretty —– Eminem sounds really —– and that Lil Wayne is —- and —- song is—– ——– — Right?
  • ME: I want to revise my original statement to ask, were the grammys always popular music sellouts?

Misha says:

Thanks so much for this. I was at the show as well. Like the girl next to you, I cried when she started playing Winter. I’ve never heard it live before (it was only my 7th Tori show!) and it’s always meant a lot to me. I went to the show by myself and unfortunately, I was next two very snotty and talkative girls that were making fun of me for crying. I didn’t let it ruin my experience and it’s probably the best Tori show I’ve seen. Precious Things was amazing, Hotel was amazing, Famous Blue Raincoat was beautiful, everything was just… wonderful. I got lost on the way there and missed Raspberry Swirl though (*SOB*). Yesterday was a rough day for me but, as always, Tori soothed me and made things more bearable. ❤

blah says:

cool to see how your thoughts came during the concert! thanks!

AtomsEyes says:

hey. I’m Atom. on the Dent’s review page mine is after yours.

i just wanted to say that after last night,
i no longer agree with you that doing tori shows alone is the way to go!

last night was my 34th show and the first one i saw with someone else.
that someone else was by best friend of 17 years
and i must say that the highlight of the show for me
was when she used my shirt sleeve to wipe away her tears during Winter.

i can’t even describe how happy that made me,
to share the experience with someone so dear to me.

and i know it’s easy to think that your the only one out there
who believes Tori is your soul mate,
but all you had to do to realize your wrong
was long around you last night ….

i’m glad you had a great time!

cheers !!

I loved, loved, loved this concert. Thanks so much for posting this twitter-diary, because it helped spark a lot of memories from that night that I’d forgotten. (Yes, I have crap for memory. :D)

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