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{October 14, 2010}   Ozzy Osbourne health advice?

Rolling Stone magazine is now accepting readers’ questions for a health advice column written by rocker Ozzy Osbourne. Weird, but sure to be interested, the column will appear in an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone.


List of top Hot things about 2010 and list of the top movie trilogies

A little late to post this (sorry), but you can still catch performances from LCD Soundsystem, The XX, Gogol Bordello, Phish tonight and Yeasayer, Band of Horses, and The National Tomorrow. Stream it here from Rolling Stone magazine

{October 9, 2010}   Watch Gorillaz Letterman Concert

The Gorillaz preformed  a song on the Late Show with David Letterman last week, but a 45-minute concert they played afteward wasn’t broadcast. Watch it here

{October 4, 2010}   Tori Amos Cover Album

Download Tori Amos’ Covering ’em, including Led Zepplin, Joni Mitchell, The Cure, Etc.

Also in Tori-related news – from Slate: The Wrestler and the Cornflake Girl

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