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Starting at 1pm EST The Dead Weather will be streaming a live performance of their new album (that’s 10 minutes away 😦 – oh, well. If you miss this performance they will also be streaming another performance on May 3 on their myspace page. Here’s the details

Update: NPR is streaming Sea of Cowards this week


Even though MTV doesn’t include ‘music television’ in their logo anymore that doesn’t mean from time to time their website is going to play some music. Tonight (4/30) watch Gorillaz live on or live from London, starting at 5pm. Here’s the details

{April 28, 2010}   TV Tonight: Sunset Daze

I miss watching the Golden Girls. TV doesn’t always give our elders a lot of screen time. Tonight a reality show, Sunset Daze,about senior citizens lives in am Arizona retirement community and apparently there’s a lot more sex going on then we thought. Hmmm…a little gross, no?

Premieres tonight on the WE channel, a double episode starting at 10pm…

{April 28, 2010}   News Roundup 4.28.10

Hey! How about a news post? Yay!!!

  • And finally, NPR wonders does Marmite have a bad name?

I was never a fan of the war in Irq, but that doesn’t mean I value what the troops over there have done any less. Starting May 1, 2010 this man will run over 4500 miles to honor each troop that has died.

{April 27, 2010}   Cool Book: Nancy Drew reissue

Out today is the 80th – yes 80th – anniversary reissue of the first Nancy Drew book The Secret of the Old Clock: 80th Anniversary Limited Edition (Nancy Drew). The original came out in 1930! USA Today has an article about it.

I will be updating the Amazon Links page with other items released this week.

{April 22, 2010}   Listen to Hole’s new album

Here we go. Hear Courtney Love’s new version of Hole. It’s streaming on Hole’s Facebook page

I don’t know how I’m going find time to stream all the albums streaming this week. There’s some good ones:

  • The new Gogol Bordello is streaming over at Myspace. It comes out next week

Two ultra-cool music fims will be screening next week:

  • Miami’s Grand Central will host a screening of indie band Animal Collective’s “virtual album” ‘Oddsac,’ Sunday, April 25, 8:30pm, TIX are $15 and guaranteed to sell-out…details here

{April 15, 2010}   To do this weekend, Miami/NYC

If I were cool and (in some cases) in NYC, this is what I would do this weekend

April 16-18:

AVP Nivea Gatorade Fort Lauderdale Open

April 17-18:


For more info on these and other events, check out the live music/local events page

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