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Nobody wanted to write about their favorite Tori Song, but that’s ok. I have a new question: what’s your Ultimate Tori Amos concert set list? If Tori called you up and say hey I’m playing your city tomorrow, and I’m too busy to do it, so do you mind putting together my entire set list for me. What songs would your ultimate setlist include? Email me and I’ll post them here on the Tori Fan page.



While there remains many other albums than Tori’s 2002 release Scarlet’s Walk, the album’s last song is my favorite. It’s so hard for me to pick just one song. My criteria was a song I could never live without hearing; a song that makes me happy everytime she plays it live; and the final critera: I choke up, stiffling emotion every time I hear it!

Perhaps this last part is what pushed Gold Dust on through above Essential Tori Listening like: Silent All These Years, Mother, God, Playboy Mommy etc. I could go on and on. Scarlet’s Walk was released when I was going through probably the toughest period in my life. It was a stage of growth and with any stage of growth it came with a painful shake up. I dropped out of college that year, wanting to figure out what it was I wanted to do with the rest of my life. And luckily during this period when I had nowhere else to go Tori was there. Enter Gold Dust

“Whipping past
The reflecting pool
me and you
skipping school

And we make it up
as we go along…”

uh…still gets me. I thought freeing myself from college was going to send me on this bohemian hippy trip into life. I left college, but I wanted to go into the college of life and that college is a lot harder. What happened was that I plunged into a deep depression and for months the only thing I did was listen to Scarlet’s Walk…I wore it out!

Looking back on that time, I now know that what I was really looking for was my place in the world. I felt like a failure, not interested in doing anything and not good at anything. Gold Dust to me is about going inward, about looking back, about reflecting upon life. Looking back on this time in my life, brings a smile to my lips because of how happy I am now. I can look back realizing all of it – even the dark times – are wonderful, because these are the moments that make up who I am – they are the Gold Dust.

“– How did it go so fast —
you’ll say
as we are looking
and then we’ll
We held gold dust
in our

– lyrics reprinted from © Sword & Stone

What’s your favorite song? Email me @


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