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{August 31, 2009}   Handy Fall TV schedule

Via Pop Candy (who else?) – Just in time a handy calendar of fall tv premieres


Music blog Brooklyn Vegan is streaming musician David Bazan‘s show tonight online starting at 8pm. Go here to stream it.

UPDATE: Go here to listen to Bazan’s new album


Fred Chao’s ‘Johnny Hiro.’ I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. The author and his main character love Japanese Pop Culture.


Author and New Yorker editor Ben Greenman’s new novel ‘Please Step Back‘ about a fake band that makes it all the way to woodstock and then disappears. A review wrote: “Exciting, funny, disturbing and uplifting, with some of the most deft and absorbing writing about music ever to appear in American fiction, this pseudo-bio of a fascinating character is an amazing creation in itself, and sure to be one of the most talked-about books of the year.”

{August 26, 2009}   Note to readers

Hey guys! Thanks for reading as always. I feel I should explain my absence. I love doing my blog, but lately I’ve felt a little chained to my computer. I also started to feel totally disinterested in pop culture. So, I decided to take a break from it. But until I again feel like I love cool pop culture items. Here’s two items that struck my fancy.

{August 18, 2009}   Watch doc: Zombie Girl

The new documentary ‘Zombie Girl‘ is about Emily Hagins, a 12-year-old filmmaker who decides to make a feature-length zombie flick – she’s 12!!! I wish I was that focused at 12. The entire movie is streaming here through Aug. 20.

Hear Imogen Heap’s new album Ellipse out Aug. 25.

{August 18, 2009}   Dvd Release of the week

I was bummed that I missed this when it aired on TV last week, but this week the documentary ‘Tyson‘ is my pick for release of the week. Director James Tobock’s well received portrait of his friend boxer Mike Tyson.

Also out: Icons of Sci-Fi: The Toho Collection. A collection of three classic Japanese monster films and no, it doesn’t include Godzilla.

{August 17, 2009}   Motion Comics: Spider-Woman

This is a crazy cool idea. Go Marvel Comics! They are debutting their first original Motion Comic on Wednesday, Aug. 19 – the trailer for ‘Spider-Woman’ is below. It will be available on Itunes. The motion-comic is available starting Wednesday from Itunes. Here’s a preview

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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{August 17, 2009}   On TV Monday

In a week that sees the premiere of two of my favorite shows ‘Project Runway‘ on Thursday and ‘Top Chef‘ on Wednesday, what do we watch on TV tonight? I spent the afternoon cleaning out my room mainly because I caught an episode of A&E’s Obsessed about a guy that hordered stuff. I saw a little of myself in him and promptly freaked out. So my room is now in a state of disarray. Why does cleaning out something always seem to make a bigger mess?

Anyways, on TV tonight Monday, Aug. 17 @10pm on A&E is the series premiere of their latest show surrounding obsessive complusive behavior Hoarders. Tonight’s ep features a couple  that’s so messy they are in danger of losing their children to protective services and a woman who must say “I enjoyed you while you were here” to things before she throws them out.” (info via Entertainment Weekly).

I like watching these shows because yes, these people are in pain, but I find their struggles and ultimately, usually their successes so inspiring. It’s the human condition.

{August 17, 2009}   Not and finally…True Blood

I have a confession to make: I’m really starting to enjoy the vampire saga True Blood (I’m in love with Sookie) – even with all these Jesus Christ parallels. And I really enjoyed this well written and meditative article from Televisionary on last night’s True Blood ep.

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