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So a new feature on the blog I happen to really like is some items (movies, books, ideas) that are being talked about on the internet. The web maybe be miles wide and about an inch deep, but I’ll cull from that depth. For example, a 1997 movie that was widely talked about, disappeared and has re-appeared this week:

Colin Fitz Lives ,”is a charming, ironic, and absurdist comedy that finds its inspiration in America’s obsessions with fame, celebrity deaths and rock ‘n roll,” was the darling of Sundance 1997, but it never got a theatrical release.  It is being released in limited areas tomorrow Aug. 6. Check out the trailer, but will be available with Video On Demand services


A book about the last words of people that were sentenced to death throughout history. And yes, “kiss my ass” is included.


And a book about a guy that went on a mission to correct typos across America

– Books found via Book Bench



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