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{July 21, 2009}   Tuesday’s News of Note

Hey- so I’m sort of going to have take a hiatus from the blog this week as I have a mid-term that I’m both tutoring people on and taking myself, so I need the study time. This is going to be so much harder on me than you. I’m finding myself addicted to the computer, so this break will definitely be good for me. I’ll post and tweet when I can. Have a great week! Wish me luck…

But for now, here’s some pop-culture items:

  • NPR music blogger Carrie Brownstein LOVES Phish. She wrote about them all last week. Click here to read yesterday’s Phish post with links to her other Phish-loveΒ posts
  • Send the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch some love you guys – he has cancer. Get well Adam!
  • No tickets to this weekend’s Comic-con? Got tickets, but overwhelmed? Geek Tyrant has got you covered
  • Listen to the first single off Pearl Jam‘s upcoming new album called Backspacer. Here’s “The Fixer”
  • Have you heard about a contestant on Big Brother getting booted from the show because of his racial slur-filled rant – which CBS didn’t air? Here’s the story
  • Since I’m not going to be able to offer my suggestions on this week’s DVD releases, here’s Β Rotten Tomatoes reviews on them all…However, note: Coraline and The Mighty Boosh comes out today. Yay!
  • Anvil talks about opening up for AC/DC
  • I don’t know why, but I’m having fun following Trent Reznor’s love/hate relationship with Twitter. If he’s this conflicted about Twitter, just imagine his personal relationships. Ah, I love a tortured soul!
  • And speaking of tortured souls: why do we ladies love vampires so much?
  • And I’m not really into apocalypse-type TV shows, but a new reality-show is on The Discovery Channel, so I might give it a try. It’s called The Colony. It’s an “experiment” about surviving and rebuilding if the apocalyse came. It debuts tonight (7/21) @10pm on The Discovery Channel. (I’m also going to have to go back and forth to check out Bite Me with Dr. Mike, on the Travel Channel, also @10pm)


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